Human Resources Seminar


2020 New Employment Laws Seminar

Keeping up with employment law changes is an important part of a Human Resource (HR) managers job. Same holds true for county officials. New rules from Springfield and Washington, in addition to Supreme Court rulings are numerous. This empowering seminar is designed so you can stay informed, in compliance and out of the courtroom.

Topics covered:
• New Laws Affecting Illinois Employers Including Recent Case Studies
• Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act
• Latest Developments in Workers Compensation
• Employment Law Update
• Zoning and Land Use Best Practices
• Workplace Transparency Act / Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Primary Audience
• Senior HR Managers who need to know what is next in workplace law and legislation
• Elected and appointed officials seeking practicable, actionable guidance on workplace management
• County board members seeking to build compliant governments and manage risk

This seminar was held on February 26, 2020. For resource materials, please contact the Association office.