New Public Acts

Voting Options Expansion

Permanently allows ballot boxes and curbside voting throughout the State. Permits the Illinois State Board … Learn More  

If a county passed an ordinance imposing a recreational cannabis sales tax on or before … Learn More  

Prejudgment Interest

P.A. 102-0006

Grants 6% pretrial interest on money awarded to plaintiffs in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits … Learn More  

Provides for the specific counties to be included in the second, third, fourth, and fifth … Learn More  

Elections Omnibus and Redistricting

Amends the Election Code making several changes including moving the primary date back three months:

Learn More  

Counties, municipalities and townships may waive fees for building, inspection, and construction work that is … Learn More  

Amends the State Employees Group Health Insurance Act and the Counties Code to provide coverage … Learn More  

Provides that the compensation of county elected officers shall be fixed by ordinance or resolution … Learn More  

Allows a superintendent of a Veteran's Assistance Commission (VAC) to ask a State's Attorney to render … Learn More  

Lemonade Stands

Lemonade Stands

P.A. 102-0078

Prohibits the Illinois Department of Public Health or local health departments or districts from regulating … Learn More  

Opioid Litigation

P.A. 102-0085

On and after a specified date, no local government may file or become a party … Learn More  

The office of marshal for the Supreme Court may also employ court security officers. Authorizes … Learn More  

Requires all state and local retirement systems and pension funds to award investment services contracts … Learn More  

Cannabis Licensing Expansion

Clears the way for the issuance of licenses for 75 adult-use cannabis dispensaries that were … Learn More  

Creates the Resentencing Task Force Act to study ways to reduce Illinois' prison population via … Learn More  

Encourages the use of restorative justice practices by providing that participation in such practices and … Learn More  

Prohibits the use of deceptive tactics by all law enforcement when interrogating a minor.

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Allows the State's Attorney of a county in which a defendant was sentenced to petition … Learn More  

Adds requirements concerning enterprise zone applications and provisional certification and decertification of enterprise zones. Modifies … Learn More  

Vehicle Weight Limits

Vehicle Weight Limits

P.A. 102-0124

Aligns state statute with the Federal Bridge Formula by creating a new class of weight … Learn More  

TIF Reporting

P.A. 102-0127

Increases municipality reporting requirements around Tax Increment Financing including the number of jobs created as … Learn More  

Increases the amount of disbursement grant a judicial circuit court clerk may provide a dispute … Learn More  

Homestead Exemption

P.A. 102-0136

Allows each chief county assessment officer to approve a homestead exemption for the 2021 taxable … Learn More  

Court Fees

Court Fees

P.A. 102-0145

Requires circuit court clerks to submit specified assessment reports no later than March 1, 2022, … Learn More  

Township Names

P.A. 102-0148

Requires the Secretary of State to inform the county clerk if he/she finds two or … Learn More  

Requires plaintiffs or their attorney, rather than the clerk of the court, to send a … Learn More  

Land Transfers (IDOT)

P.A. 102-0158

As part of the Illinois Department of Transportation's annual land conveyance bill, authorizes the State … Learn More  

Sets timelines in statute governing how long a court can take to transfer, and receive, … Learn More  

Marriage Certificates

P.A. 102-0169

Provides that for a person married in any county in the State, the county clerk … Learn More  

Upon completion of an affidavit provided by the county clerk, allows a person to change … Learn More  

Expands employer mandate by amending the Secure Choice Savings Program to include employers with five … Learn More  

Vegetable Garden Protection

 Creates the Garden Act. Provides for the right to cultivate a vegetable garden and permits … Learn More  

Open Space Lands

P.A. 102-0200

Requires 50% of an Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development grant to be paid to the … Learn More  

Health Benefits

P.A. 102-0203

Requires individual and group health plans to cover bio-market testing.

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Township Funds

P.A. 102-0231

Provides that general assistance funds are included in provisions prohibiting accumulation of township funds that … Learn More  

Property Tax Reports

P.A. 102-0265

Requires taxing districts with an aggregate property tax levy of more than $5 million to … Learn More  

Allows the state to sell surplus properties at less than their fair-market value under certain … Learn More  

Allows Kane County to lease portions of certain property transferred to the county to a … Learn More  

Illinois Promotions

P.A. 102-0287

Amends the Illinois Promotions Act to include units of local government to the list of … Learn More  

DNR Public Announcement (Hunting)

Requires the Department of Natural Resources to publicly announce which counties will have hunting season.

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Allows the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice to share information with county juvenile detention facilities … Learn More  

Prevailing Wage

P.A. 102-0332

Amends the Prevailing Wage Act. Allows that certain contractor and project payroll information to be … Learn More  

Provides that Juneteenth National Freedom Day shall be observed on June 19 of each year … Learn More  

Creates the Empowering Public Participation Act. Provides that a law enforcement agency or an officer … Learn More  

Juvenile Court

P.A. 102-350

If a minor is committed to the Department of Juvenile Justice the clerk of the … Learn More  

Trailer Fee Reduction

Trailer Fee Reduction

P.A. 102-0353

Lowers small trailer license fees from $118 to $36 along with removing a $10,000 cap … Learn More