FY2022 State Budget

P.A. 102-0016 / P.A. 102-0017

FY2022 State Budget

The State of Illinois' Fiscal Year 2022 budget plan for both operations and capital is contained in Senate Bill 2800 (P.A. 102-0017), along with Senate Bill 2017 (P.A. 102-0016), the budget implementation bill.

The Fiscal Year 2022 General Funds budget plan reflects $42.3 billion in base spending. The budget funds additional investments in the areas of education and human services while fully funding the Fiscal Year 2022 certified pension contributions and continuing progress on debt repayments. The Fiscal Year 2022 budget also directs federal dollars received from the American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) to aid businesses, families, and invest in Illinois' communities. The estimated Fiscal Year 2022 General Funds base revenues for the enacted Fiscal Year 2022 General Funds budget total $42.367 billion, reflecting changes to corporate tax loopholes included in Senate Bill 2017.   

State of Illinois Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Highlights

Public Act 102-0016 (Budget Implementation)

 Public Act 102-0017 (Budget Appropriation)