2019 Bills Signed into Law

Minimum Wage Increase

P.A. 101-0001

Increases the Illinois minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2025. Currently, the minimum wage in … Learn More  

Prohibits the sale or furnishing of tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, or alternative nicotine products to … Learn More  

Collective Bargaining Freedom

Creates the Collective Bargaining Freedom Act. The new state policy means "employers, employees, and their … Learn More  

Amends current state law regarding zoning standards for wind energy development across the state. Counties … Learn More  

Amends the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act and Workers' Occupational Diseases Act to allow employees to … Learn More  

Graduated Income Tax

Graduated Income Tax

P.A. 101-0008

Establishes tax rates under a graduated income tax rate structure. Amends the Illinois Income Tax … Learn More  

Amends the Cook County Article of the Pension Code to allow members to purchase service … Learn More  

Moves regulation of abortion from the criminal code to the civil code, brings abortion care … Learn More  

Keep Illinois Families Together

Prohibits local law enforcement agencies from engaging in federal immigration enforcement with U.S. Immigration and … Learn More  

Bans immigrant detention centers in the state of Illinois, halting the proposed federally run center … Learn More  

Puts restrictions on facilities like Medline and Sterigenics that use ethylene oxide for sterilization. The … Learn More  

Requires Vantage Specialty Chemicals, a Lake County manufacturer that uses ethylene oxide in its products, … Learn More  

Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act

Ends cannabis prohibition in the state of Illinois and replaces it with a system to … Learn More  

Increases the burial benefit for a fireman, State Police or local law enforcement officer killed … Learn More  

Amends the State Comptroller Act concerning fiscal reports. Allows required reports to be published on … Learn More  

Allows one commissioner rather than the full Workers’ Compensation Commission to approve enforcement action against … Learn More  

Horse Racing

Horse Racing

P.A. 101-0052

Inter-track wagering location licensees must pay their parimutuel handle percentage to the county and municipality … Learn More  

Establishes a "property tax relief fund," which would be used to pay refunds to Illinois … Learn More  

If there is a vacancy in the office of township supervisor, a trustee shall be … Learn More  

Raffles shall be licensed by the governing body of the municipality with jurisdiction over the … Learn More  

On July 31, Gov. Pritzker signed into law an amendment to the Illinois Equal Pay … Learn More