2019 Bills Signed into Law

Minimum Wage Increase

P.A. 101-0001

Increases the Illinois minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2025. Currently, the minimum wage in … Learn More  

Prohibits the sale or furnishing of tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, or alternative nicotine products to … Learn More  

Collective Bargaining Freedom

Creates the Collective Bargaining Freedom Act. The new state policy means "employers, employees, and their … Learn More  

Amends current state law regarding zoning standards for wind energy development across the state. Counties … Learn More  

Amends the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act and Workers' Occupational Diseases Act to allow employees to … Learn More  

FY2020 State Budget

FY2020 State Budget

P.A. 101-0007

Implements a $40.1 billion state spending plan for FY2020. Download

Graduated Income Tax

P.A. 101-0008

Establishes tax rates under a graduated income tax rate structure. Amends the Illinois Income Tax … Learn More  

State Budget FY20 Omnibus Revenue Package. Download

Makes changes in State programs necessary to implement FY2020 Budget. Download

Amends the Cook County Article of the Pension Code to allow members to purchase service … Learn More  

Moves regulation of abortion from the criminal code to the civil code, brings abortion care … Learn More  

Keep Illinois Families Together

Prohibits local law enforcement agencies from engaging in federal immigration enforcement with U.S. Immigration and … Learn More  

Bans immigrant detention centers in the state of Illinois, halting the proposed federally run center … Learn More  

Puts restrictions on facilities like Medline and Sterigenics that use ethylene oxide for sterilization. The … Learn More  

Requires Vantage Specialty Chemicals, a Lake County manufacturer that uses ethylene oxide in its products, … Learn More  

Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act

Ends cannabis prohibition in the state of Illinois and replaces it with a system to … Learn More  

Increases the burial benefit for a fireman, State Police or local law enforcement officer killed … Learn More  

Allocates $45 billion for the Rebuild Illinois capital plan to fund construction projects to improve … Learn More  

Creates the Rebuild Illinois Capital Financing Program of 2019. Provides $22.6 billion in additional bonding … Learn More  

The Leveling the Playing Field for Illinois Retail Act requires remote retailers to collect and … Learn More  

Rebuild Illinois – Gas Tax

Generates $13 billion in revenue to fund the Rebuild Illinois capital plan. Raises the motor … Learn More  

Amends the State Comptroller Act concerning fiscal reports. Allows required reports to be published on … Learn More