New Public Acts

Voting Options Expansion

Permanently allows ballot boxes and curbside voting throughout the State. Permits the Illinois State Board … Learn More  

If a county passed an ordinance imposing a recreational cannabis sales tax on or before … Learn More  

Prejudgment Interest

P.A. 102-0006

Grants 6% pretrial interest on money awarded to plaintiffs in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits … Learn More  

Provides for the specific counties to be included in the second, third, fourth, and fifth … Learn More  

Elections Omnibus and Redistricting

Amends the Election Code making several changes including moving the primary date back three months:

Learn More  

Counties, municipalities and townships may waive fees for building, inspection, and construction work that is … Learn More  

Amends the State Employees Group Health Insurance Act and the Counties Code to provide coverage … Learn More  

Provides that the compensation of county elected officers shall be fixed by ordinance or resolution … Learn More  

Allows a superintendent of a Veteran's Assistance Commission (VAC) to ask a State's Attorney to render … Learn More  

Lemonade Stands

Lemonade Stands

P.A. 102-0078

Prohibits the Illinois Department of Public Health or local health departments or districts from regulating … Learn More  

Opioid Litigation

P.A. 102-0085

On and after a specified date, no local government may file or become a party … Learn More  

The office of marshal for the Supreme Court may also employ court security officers. Authorizes … Learn More