Jim Marlo, Chair

Williamson County Commissioner

Jim Marlo, Chair

Prior to running for office Jim Marlo ran a successful small business for 28 years located in Marion, Illinois, within Williamson County. In that time he became familar with problems that were frequently associated to those who run small businesses within the state of Illinois. And, all the while with the help of his wife, Janice, a school teacher, raise a young family of two children.

In 2005, Jim went back to college in order to complete his degree graduating from the University of Southern Illinois, Carbondale, in 2007 with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Workforce Education and Development. Shortly thereafter he became interested in politics, realizing that every aspect of one's life seems to be regulated in some fashion by politics, and those that had the ability to control such policy. He then asked the question, "why not become active and take part in this process".

In 2010, Jim made the decision to run for the office of Williamson County Commissioner and was elected in the fall of 2011. He took office in December of 2011, the beginning of the county's fiscal year. As the end of his first term in office nears, he looks forward to the challenges that lie ahead while pursuing his second term.

"As a commissioner, I thoroughly enjoy my job going to great lengths in trying to help educate the public on confusing issues and property taxes. The best voter is an informed voter, I have always thought. As a member of the IACBM Legislative Committee, I hope to apply that principle sorting through pieces of legislation, enabling me to help inform the constituents of not only my county, but the entire state as well."