2018 Bills Signed into Law

FY2019 State Budget

FY2019 State Budget

P.A. 100-0586

Implements a $38.5 billion state spending plan for FY2019. Download

Makes changes in State programs necessary to implement FY2019 Budget. Download

Small Wireless Facilities

Standardizes regulation of small wireless cell facilities, paving the way for 5G wireless and other … Learn More  

Provides anti-trust protections formanufacturers in the e-waste program when operating the manufaturers clearinghouse.

Learn More  

Mining Sales Tax Exemption

Extends the exemption for coal and aggregate exploration, mining, off-highway hauling, processing, maintenance, and reclamation … Learn More  

Provides that lawsuits are not authorized against the county or its officials for their administration … Learn More  

Solar Agricultural Impact

Requires commercial solar energy developers to enter into an agricultural impact mitigation agreement (AIMA) with … Learn More  

Requires applicants for any firearm to wait at least 72 hours before they can receive … Learn More  

Provides the DuPage County Board with the authority to dissolve the DuPage County Election Commission … Learn More  

Special Assistant

Special Assistant

P.A. 100-0669

Provides that the State's Attorney may appoint qualified attorneys to assist as Special Assistant State's … Learn More  

Provides that any nursing mother shall be excused from jury service upon request.

Amends the Juvenile Court Act of 1987. Provides that the minor who is the subject … Learn More  

State Tax Lien

P.A. 100-0722

Amends the State Tax Lien Registration Act. Provides that the notice of tax lien shall … Learn More  

Flood Control Commission

Create the Flood Control Commission to study current flood control practices within the counties of … Learn More  

Income Tax Disclosure

P.A. 100-0731

Provides that nothing in the Illinois Income Tax Act prohibits the disclosure of information by … Learn More  

FOIA Exemptions

P.A. 100-0732

To the list of exemptions under the Freedom of Information Act, adds certain records that … Learn More  

Amends the Public Building Commission Act. Changes various repeal dates from June 1, 2018 to … Learn More