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Axenic-UV is a leading American Disinfection solutions provider. We are the home to a comprehensive range of Disinfection and Fever Detection Solutions. Our contactless pathogen prevention solutions use innovative and proven technologies for surface disinfection, air sterilization and elevated temperature detection. Our exhaustive range includes UVC Germicidal lamps, UVC Light Sterilizers, UVC Bars, UVC Mobile Sterilizers, Intelligent UVC, Spray Disinfection robots, Microwave Ultraviolet Sterilizers, Induction Air Sterilizers and Door Frame Thermal Imaging Devices. With constant innovation, we aim to leverage the advancing possibilities of the latest Germicidal Technologies and lead the industry in eradicating harmful pathogens – ensuring safer and disease-free environments at all times. Learn more>

For more information contact:
Ekam Singh
(844) 533-4546 Office
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Jay Morris
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