Taylor Anderson

Legislative Consultant

Taylor Anderson

Taylor Anderson, a full time, registered, contractual lobbyist in the State of Illinois, has spent nearly a decade working with the Illinois General Assembly. He has lobbied on behalf of a wide and diverse groups of clients including various COG’s and local governments, as well as numerous business entities and corporations.

Taylor began his legislative training by interning at several state agencies including Secretary of State Jesse White’s Office, the Illinois Senate President Emil Jones – Revenue Committee, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency-Legislative Affairs Division and the Dunn Fellowship serving in the Legislative Office of the Governor where he helped design and authored the bill tracking training website for state agency liaisons, as well as worked closely with top State Agency heads and members of the Illinois Senate.

Prior to lobbying, Taylor worked with the Illinois Chamber of Commerce-Government Affairs Division, where he analyzed voter precincts and researched/authored Chamber Position papers. He also worked with the Illinois Association of County Board Members and Commissioners, organizing seminars for county officials and contributed to various media forums and publications. Since 2008, Taylor has traveled across the State speaking on the impact of various legislation and legislative issues and once a year he is featured on a webinar specifically discussing legislation impacting Illinois counties.

Taylor graduated from Pomona College with a Bachelor of Arts in Politics.