This page provides access to resources pertaining to the Illinois General Assembly and state government operations.

Roster of Illinois Legislators

Information pertaining to the Illinois Legislature as well as the Executive Branch.

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Preface To Lawmaking

Presents and explains the legislative process, and is compiled for new legislators.

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Illinois Tax Handbook

Provides information on every significant Illinois state tax. Each is described in a separate section … Learn More  

Catalog of State Assistance to Local Governments

Describes state programs providing financial and technical assistance to counties, municipalities and special districts.

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Federal Funds to State Agencies

 Information on federal aid programs administered by Illinois state agencies.

June 2021 Edition

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County Data Book

This reference book collects in one place the major demographic, economic, and political statistics for … Learn More  

1970 Illinois Constitution Annotated

Includes the current text of the 1970 … Learn More  

How a Bill Becomes Law in Illinois

Simplified flowchart illustrating the process by which a bill becomes a law in Illinois.

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Legislative Glossary

Legislative language can be confusing and complex. The following glossary of terms may help you … Learn More