Retirement Plan Services

Retirement Plan Services

Today, offering products that help with the rising cost of benefits isn't just good business.... it's the right thing to do.

Mass Mutual offers a group participating whole life insurance policy made available by eligible employers for their benefit eligible employees. The policy is available for employees issue ages 18-75 years old, dependent children issue ages 14 days to 26 years as well as spouses issue ages 18-60 years old. The employer may elect optional coverage riders waiver of premium or accidental death benefit as well.

• Guaranteed Issue available when applicable
• Express Issue with limited underwriting available
Minimum Face amount $10,000
Coverage is permanent (remains inforce as long as premiums are paid)
• Portable - stays with employees even after retiring or leaving the employer
• Spouse and Dependent coverage is available
• Chronic Care Benefit
Dividend Eligible
*Dividends are not guaranteed. The certificate is eligible to receive dividends beginning on the second anniversary.

• Mass Mutual at Work - Group Whole Life Insurance (Watch Video)
• Mass Mutual - Whole Life Employee Brochure (Download)
• Mass Mutual - Understanding Life Insurance Brochure (Download)
• Mass Mutual - Chronic Care Benefit Brochure (Download)

For more information or to receive a proposal contact:

Brenda Ingram, Partner
Retirement Plan Consultants
Direct: 312-608-5577
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